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The college library has a collection & about 20,000 (twety thousand) copies of text and reference books covering a wide range of subjects. In addition, there are online resources, such as Thanks to you can read a variety of information on certain topics. In the Reading Room, attached to the library, reference books, journals, magazines and Newspapers can be consulted. Online journals are available for free of cost through NUST website. Every student will be issued library cards against which he/ she can borrow books.

College Magazine:

The college magazine is the medium for developing literary and other potentialities of the students. It publishes articles and creative writings contributed by students and teaches.

Wall Magazine

The college has a wall magazine which is published half yearly.

College Notice Board :
Students should, in their own interest, look every day at all notices displayed on the Notice Board.

Students feedback :
Students feedback on teaching, courses and other related affairs are taken.

N.S.S. :

The National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) is an organisation which provides opportunity to students to develop their personality through community service.

Lectures and Seminars :

Defferent types of lectures, seminars and workshop are held in the college.

Canteen :

canteen facilities is available for students’ and college staff.

Literary Unit :

There is a literary unit in the college.


To meet the shortage of power, generator facilities is available.